2019 Project 365: June Part II

Summer is moving by so quickly. It’s kind of crazy how it’s already past the middle of July. This makes me a bit sad since summer is my absolute favorite time of year by far, but I’m trying to savor every minute. Fortunately I have photos from each and every day to look back on and remember each day by.

June was green. There was so much green. I guess that’s because we had a wet spring and everything turned green. All my sessions in June and July as a RI family photographer have been full of green. And it was warm, and there was the ocean, watermelon and cold beers, dog sitting, birds, and what may be the most awesome photo of my father in existence. I love the memories each of these photos from my project 365 brings. Take a look to see the second half of June.

6/16/19 • Father

This image was taken on Father’s Day. I told my dad I’d like to take a portrait of him in the driveway and told him he could dress as he wanted and use whatever props he would like. He really took it to a whole other level.

funny portrait of a man

6/17/19 • Macro Monday

bee on catmint plant

6/18/19 • High angle

portrait of dog from above

6/19/19 • Time

This photo makes me sad, but sometimes such is life. This day I was driving up the street and saw a neighbor cat batting this bird around in the road. It was still alive. I shooed the cat away and picked up the bird, which was clearly stunned and scared. I placed him on my deck railing while I got a box with some towels to keep him warm and safe. He did try to flutter off a few times, but his time was very limited. His entire underside was exposed with broken bones and likely major injuries and he ended up dying. I hope he was warm and comfortable though.


6/20/19 • Watermelon

watermelon chunks in a bowl

6/21/19 • National self portrait day

What can I say, I like taking photos of my feet.

image of feet in grass taken from above

6/22/19 • Summer

Narragansett Town Beach

6/23/19 • Pink

bathing suit hanging on a clothesline

6/24/19 • Letters

About six months after my grandmother died in 2011, my aunt sent me a packet of letters that she’d found in my grandmother’s things. They were letters I’d sent her from college. Some of them are from my first weeks there and I can barely recognize the girl I was in these letters.

pile of hand written letters

6/25/19 • Sunglasses

Ray Ban Wayfarers on Scion xB dashboard

6/26/19 • Cute

black dog sitting outdoors

6/27/19 • Flip flops

black and white image of several pairs of flip flops

6/28/19 • Empty

empty water glass on patio table

6/29/19 • Full

My living room was full of dogs this day, including this guy, who we were dog sitting.

dog in living room

6/30/19 • I heard…

Lots of birds in my parents’ backyard chirping away!

wren at a bird feeder

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