Three Ways AKP Christmas Sessions Make Your Life Easier • RI Family Photographer

In less than a week, my yearly Christmas Limited Edition Sessions are going to be announced!  This year, they're going to be at a South County tree farm.  (Tip:  these sessions get announced to my VIP list first, and usually almost completely fill up before they're announced to the public.  Want to become a VIP?  Sign up here!)

As a RI family photographer, these are some of the most fun sessions I do all year!  Over the course of just a couple of days, I get to see lots of past clients and also meet some new families.  It's the best!

But enough about me.  These sessions can make YOUR life easier in more ways than one.  To find out three ways how, read below!

Family at Farmer's Daughter tree farm in Wakefield, RI
  1. YOU GET A NEW FAMILY PHOTO.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes it's hard to put aside time to have an updated family photo done.  Work, school, and activities make time scarce.  Put aside just a little time to attend a Christmas Limited Edition session and you'll end up with a new family photo (plus some other great shots!)
  2. THESE SESSIONS ARE NICE AND SHORT.  Not every member of the family is always thrilled to hear that they need to look a little fancy and have some photos taken.  And with kids, especially if they're really small, it's not always easy to focus for longer periods of time.  It's just part of being a kid!  Fortunately, these sessions are short and sweet, which makes it easy on everyone in the family.  Plus, the location has room to run if your little one needs to burn off some energy (and it makes for great shots!)
  3. CHRISTMAS CARDS AND CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MADE EASY!  All the packages come with Christmas cards included.  This year I've got LOTS of designs to choose from!  They'll be ready in plenty of time to send out to everyone on your list.  Plus, packages come with a variety of products that make great gifts for grandparents and other family members.  It's kind of like one stop shopping.

Now that you know how AKP's Christmas Limited Edition Sessions can make your life (especially this holiday season) a lot easier, make sure to snag yours.  Keep an eye out for more info coming to the VIP list this week (forgot to sign up from the link above?  There's a handy sign up below, just for you!) and book early to get the best time slots.  See you there!

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