2019 Project 365: June Part I

Well, now that it’s July, I might as well share some photos from June, don’t you think?

While earlier spring is busy for me, June is the month that it starts to get really crazy as a RI family photographer! It’s wonderful. And while I don’t always have a ton of time for myself in the day, I can always find time to stop and smell the roses (or the lilacs, as the photos below show). Or go to the ocean and hopefully get a surf in, or read, or play with the dog.

The beginning of June included trips to the farm, a trip for donuts (which I don’t even eat but who knew National Donut Day was at the beginning of June? Donuts were donated to my other half), flowers, trips to the ocean (every day if possible…that salt air is magic), and, of course, time with the furry friends. Take a look below to see more of June.

6/1/19 • Keys

keys in a bowl

6/2/19 • P is for…


peonies in a mason jar vase

6/3/19 • Jewelry

I don’t wear much jewelry. This is really the extent of it. A ring I wear all the time, and the charm bracelet that was my grandmother’s.

bracelet and ring in a quahog shell

6/4/19 • Art

Nature makes some of the best art and it doesn’t even try.

radishes in a wooden bowl

6/5/19 • 6:00 PM

Truth be told, this image wasn’t taken at 6 pm because at 6, I was somewhere where I couldn’t have my camera. This was taken a little after 5 in my time zone, but it’s 6 somewhere!

dog in a backyard

6/6/19 • Road sign

Watch for children sign

6/7/19 • Donuts

Can I just give a tip to all the donut shop workers out there? Maybe don’t put three donuts stacked in a narrow bag, with the frosting facing down on all of them, because it will end up being a mess.

three donuts

6/8/19 • World Oceans Day

surfer at Narragansett Pier, RI

6/9/19 • Where you come from

I come from a mother who creates beautiful gardens and who puts love and care into her landscape. I didn’t really get that gene, but sometimes I can still get flowers to bloom, and I do have an appreciation for them.

lilac flowers

6/10/19 • Peaceful

This was a crazy day after a number of crazy days. The only peace I got that day was in the shower. It was a nice break.

woman’s feet and bath mat in a bathroom

6/11/19 • Waiting

Lemmy is generally waiting for me to stop taking his photo and give him a treat for being a good boy.

dog in a backyard

6/12/19 • Broken

This is my 50mm 1.8 lens. It’s over 20 years old. It only works at f1.8 now, so it’s kind of broken.

Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

6/13/19 • Shadow


6/14/19 • Stripes

Hey, the bar code on a beer can counts as stripes. Right?

woman sitting at patio table with plant and beer

6/15/19 • Skyscraper

This is just a small portion of my childhood books, which my mom dropped off when we bought our own house. They make a little book skyscraper; all of them wold be an even bigger skyscraper.

books on the arm of a couch

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