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"Don't be afraid to try new things" is a refrain that most of us hear all of our lives.  We hear it from parents, teachers, partners, friends, the media.  Don't be afraid to eat those mushrooms, they won't hurt you.  Don't be afraid to say hello to a new person.  Don't be afraid to try bungee jumping (OK, maybe be a little afraid of that one.)

As a RI children's photographer and a creative person, there are always ideas running through my head for new things to try, whether it's a new skill to make your session even better, or something different I want to try just for myself.  (Because remember, trying new things is good!)

Recently, I decided that I wanted to try something I hadn't done before:  take photos that, in the end, would resemble paintings.  Or at least one photo.  More would be a bonus.  So, armed with a yellow scarf, some Meyer lemons, and a wooden bowl, my favorite muse and I went to my Wakefield studio to see what we could accomplish.

RI Children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

We ended up with some photos that I'm very happy with.  Very different than the style you may be used to seeing from me, but it was an incredibly fun creative process.  (If you're a photographer, the full edit for the top left photo is in my Ask Amy mentoring group...if you're not there, we'd love to have you!)  There are some more fun new things coming to AKP this spring, so this really started the "try new things" ball rolling.

Of course, we did some more traditional (for me!) shots as well.  Miss M is amazing at posing!  There was glitter involved (obviously) which was probably Miss M's favorite part...and mine, too.  (Are you jealous of Miss M's teal and purple streaks in her hair?  I am.  They were done by Jessica  Gurnon at Amici Salon and Wellness Center in Wakefield.  Check her out.  She's a serious hair artist!)

RI Children's Photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •
RI Children's Photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

Have you tried something new lately?  What was it?  Let me know in the comments!

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