The Beauty Of Fall • RI Children's Photographer

OK, who loves fall? Where are you all who name it as your favorite season, love the weather, the leaves, the bonfires, and all that? I know there are plenty of you out there!

While I’m admittedly very much a summer lover (in case you haven’t already figured that out), as a RI children’s photographer, I just LOVE the color palate that comes with fall. It may be true that I am constantly watching the leaves come the end of September. It may also be true that I start stalking certain spots, possibly multiple times a week, come October. I’m not a crazy person…just a photographer who wants to have the most gorgeous fall backdrops possible for fall shoots!

Last year was a bust with the leaves, so I had my fingers crossed for this year. Yes, they stayed green a lot longer than usual this year (cue nervous photographer), but they finally decided to get all pretty for a little bit before they all fell off.

Fortunately I was able to take advantage of this year’s quick change several times, including this session with my favorite girl just a few days before Halloween. We went to a South Kingstown spot where the leaves were looking pretty and had a blast posing (and playing with leaves). Despite the slight chill in the air, she did an amazing job. Fun fact: the dress she wore was made by my mother in 1975, for her sister (my aunt) to wear as maid of honor in my mother’s wedding. It’s still looking good!

Take a look at the beauty of fall below. How have you taken advantage of the beautiful fall leaves? Let me know in the comments!

fall portraits in Wakefield, RI
fall portraits in Wakefield, RI
fall portraits in Wakefield, RI

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