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School's out for summer!  For kids, this means a lot of things...sleeping late, swimming, camps, activities, summer reading, and more.  As a RI children's photographer, I often talk with parents about what their kids are up to for the summer.  And sometimes parents are looking for fun things to do.

There's a pretty fun new trend exploding all over South County (it's actually popping up all over the country!) and it's fun for kids and adults alike.  You may have even seen a news story about it on Channel 10 recently.  So what is this new trend?  It's a great big hide and seek game.  Or a scavenger hunt.  With painted rocks.   It's super fun, and once you start, you'll be looking for rocks everywhere (and decorating your own!)

So how does it work?

Rock on hood of car

First, look for rocks.  They're everywhere, trust me.  Sometimes they're right out in the open, sometimes they're a little more hidden.  Whether you're on Main St. in Wakefield, walking around Hope Valley, or in Wilcox Park in Westerly, there are rocks all around.  If your friends are playing, sometimes you'll get lucky and find one right on the front of your car, like I did!  There are rocks out there with all sorts of painted designs on them, from simple to complicated, from words to beautiful artwork.  You never know what you'll find!

Painted rock

If you check out the back of your rock, you'll likely see a little label that has some instructions.  If you're not already part of the South County Rocks Facebook Group, make sure to join so you can get clues on where all kinds of rocks are, and also post photos with clues on where you re-hide the rock!

Belmont Market, Wakefield, RI

Once you find your rock, you can then re-hide it (although if you get a really special, pretty one, you might want to keep it!)  You can hide them anywhere.  See how the Moldova rock is shopping with me at Belmont Market?  It found its next hiding place with some bananas.

One of the most fun parts for kids and adults alike is decorating your own rocks to put "out into circulation".  You just need some rocks, paint, and a sealer such as Mod Podge.  Don't forget to print out some little labels to put on the bottom of your rock, letting others in on the fun of this game!  It's a great way for everyone to let your inner artist out, and decorate the world.

Next time you go out in South County, keep an eye out for rocks, and keep spreading the rock love!

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