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Having photos done of your children, whether individually or as sibling sessions, is a great way to document their childhood.  Kids grow fast, and it's important to have those memories of various stages of their growing up.

Before sessions, parents often ask questions or present concerns.  Especially with very young kids, the concern from parents is always that they'll be, well, kids.  They worry that this might be a problem for photos.  Guys, don't worry.  I know kids.  I love kids.  My job as a RI children's photographer has me working with kids constantly.   Kids being kids is part of what makes photos so amazing.  

Since so many parents have the same questions and concerns, I decided to write a post with these FAQs.  Got any other questions about a session for your children?  Let me know in the comments!

boy catching bubbles in Narragansett, RI

Q.  My child hates posing or refuses to pose.  This can't work for photos, can it?

A.  Does anyone really love to spend 30-60 minutes of their time having someone else direct them into poses that might seem weird and a little uncomfortable?  Probably not.  Doesn't matter whether you're a kid or an adult, regular "photo poses" can get boring after awhile.  Or right from the beginning.

When photographing children, I give directions but have them involved in activities like running, jumping, spinning, bubbles, and more.  I'll give some simple directions, and then watch them do their thing.

You'll end up with sweet photos of your kids happily doing kid things.

photo of sisters in Wakefield, RI

Q.  I really want posed photos of my child(ren).  Can you make that happen?

A.  Absolutely.  My style is a mix of posed and more candid (see above) shots at sessions.  There are some parents who like more of the traditional posed photos.  Even if your little one is not the most enthusiastic about posing, I promise I'll get those poses in.

Especially with very young children, I'll start out the session with more traditional posed photos so that we can get them done when the child is still "fresh" and focused, then we'll move onto more fun stuff.

I try to make even traditional poses fun for kids, and have a flow so we move efficiently.

photo of boy in Charlestown, RI pine forest

Q.  A lot of photographers only photograph later on in the afternoon/evening.  This doesn't work for our family.  Do we have to do this?

No.  While a lot of parents do like the warm, soft light that comes from "golden hour" photos, it's sometimes simply not an option, especially with young kids who may have early bedtimes.

I photograph at a number of locations that will work at various times of day, and also use off camera lighting when necessary at certain times of day or locations.

Bottom line, there's lots of flexibility in scheduling your session, so don't worry.

Q.  My child/children have super short attention spans.  How can a photo session possibly work for them?

I hear that.  My attention span is not the greatest, either.  Sessions with kids aren't super long, and the younger the child, the shorter it'll be.  Sometimes a kid (or two) will let me know they're over it...and it makes for a super fun photo or two!

sisters photo in Narragansett, RI

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