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We live in a digital age.  We have instant access to so many things nowadays.  News.  Weather.  Communication.  And, because most of us cary tiny cameras in our pocket or purse all the time, photos.  

Smartphones and tablets give us the ability to take photos of practically anything at any time; your camera roll is likely full of photos of your kids.  Why wouldn't it be?  Technology has given us an incredible opportunity.  That said, one thing I've heard more than a few times as a RI children's photographer is "Oh, I don't need professional photos of my family/kids. I can take as many as I want with my phone!  I bet I can take photos just like a pro with my phone."  I'll never discourage you from taking photos with your phone, but there are some great reasons why a professional photographer is the right choice for portraits of your family or children.  Want to know why?  Read on!  (Big thanks to the moms of several of the young ladies below for providing the phone photo examples in the collages!)

1.  Quality equipment=quality photos

RI children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

Phones can take great photos in some situations, but there are others where they struggle, including in low light.  Pro photographers are using equipment to make sure that we take quality photos for you in all kinds of scenarios.  We choose our lenses carefully for each situation to give a specific look to our photos.

2.  Education and experience

RI children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

Pro photographers have spent countless hours learning, both through experience and in the classroom.  They know their equipment backwards and forwards; they know how to style photo sessions; how to pose their subjects; and how to choose locations that make for pleasing photos just for you!

3.  We see things differently.

RI children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

Photographers have a way of seeing the world that is different than non-photographers.  Where you see 6pm, we see and lust after golden light that we know will look gorgeous in photos.   Where you see a dirt path that leads nowhere, we see a prime location and we already know what it will look like in photos.  We are focused on making great photos for you and part of what helps us do that is how we see the world around us.

4.  Two words: wall art

RI children's photographer • Amy Kristin Photography •

There is little in this world that excites me more than seeing clients' photos come in from my lab, printed on large canvases or metals or as large prints.  The photos look incredible, and seeing clients' faces when they first see their photos makes my life 1000x better.  Here's the thing:  you can't print big wall art from most phone camera photos; there just isn't enough resolution.  But the photos that pro photographers take for you can have special places all over your walls for years to come.

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