Project Light: April II • South County RI Children's Photographer

For those of you who have been following along with my 2016 personal project, Project Light, you may remember that the theme for April's photos was shadows and light.  Shadows are what makes light beautiful (at least I think so!), so this month was really exciting for me.  It was also really difficult, or at least the second half of the month was in terms of finding shadows.  The weather, as those of you who live in Rhode Island know, has been cool and cloudy for the last few  weeks.  Sure, you can find shadows when there are clouds around, but you just have to look a little harder.

So where did I find shadows along with light?  In my own yard; on my parents' road in Exeter; in my Wakefield studio after a children's photo session; at URI's East Farm; and in my kitchen with a turkey egg that I got at the South Kingstown Farmer's Market, to name a few.  For all the cat lovers, Lionel was still pretty camera shy the second half of April but he's been hamming it up for May, so stay tuned.

Photos ahead, and may your days be filled with beautiful shadows and sparkly light.

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