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Are you a woman (and also a mom) who jet sets all over the state, or at least the town?  Do you go from school drop offs to work to yoga to the grocery store to soccer practice (and maybe a stop for a bottle of wine somewhere in there)?  Are you a fan of comfortable pants?  If so, we may be soulmates who haven't met yet.

I love skinny jeans and fancy pants but there is nothing I like more than some really, really comfy pants (yes, I am on team #leggingsarepants).  If you're like me, you might harbor a secret desire to always wear pants that feel like pajama pants.  As a Rhode Island family photographer, I'm ALWAYS looking for something comfy to shoot in!  There are several products that have come out lately that have made this dream move towards a reality for me, and I'm going to help you make the decision on whether pajama-pants-masquerading-as-pants is the right decision for you as well.

Today's review is all about Elephant Pants.  There have been a lot of ads popping up in the web for these pants; the pants are adorable, they are for a good cause, and they're marketed as the most comfortable pants you'll wear.  How do they stand up?  I'll let you know below! 

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

Right off the bat, I bought two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts.  Mmm hmm. To make for easy comparison, let's do a list of the pros of the Elephant pants/shorts:

  • They are relatively inexpensive (hence the two pairs of pants and the one pair of shorts!)
  • Lots of colors and patterns
  • Very easy sizing
  • Fun to read about the elephant each specific pants/shorts pattern is named after.
  • A portion of your purchase goes towards the African Wildlife Foundation
  • They are really, really comfy
  • They have pockets.  Two big pockets.  POCKETS!  Pockets where you can store money, your phone, keys, Legos, kid snacks...the choices are endless.
  • Sometimes it's fun to pretend you are MC Hammer while you wear them. 
Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

OK, lets talk about the cons of these pants now that you know the great things about them.

  • They have a pretty high waist (see awkward photo above demonstrating this!)  This may not be an issue to some at all; I just really prefer very low waistbands.  It is a nice wide stretchy high waist.
  • They are rayon, which I didn't realize when I bought them.  Rayon makes me want to hide in a corner; I've not always had good luck with it.  So far, though, the pants have retained their size/shape well by gentle washing/line drying.  They have faded a bit in just three washings.
  • The one size fits all of these pants is a pro, but may also be a con.  I am not a big person, but the design of these pants kind of makes me look like I have a bubble butt and wider hips and thighs than I do.  Yes, I realize they are loose pants, it's part of their comfort, and we can't please everyone.  At the end of the day, they're so comfortable that you just say meh, it's cool.  And go back to your MC Hammer dancing while doling out goldfish from your deep pockets.
Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer
Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

Can you really wear them anywhere?  If you're talking to me, the answer is yes.  So far I've worn them for sleeping, working, ladies night, and everything in between.  The shape of them hasn't 100% sold me yet, but they're comfy enough that I will definitely keep them in my rotation, and for the price I would definitely recommend giving at least one pair a try. They're super versatile and can conform to many facets of a mom lifestyle, from dressed down around the house to dressed up night out.  Stay tuned for my upcoming review of another similar type of pants, and let me know if you've tried these pants out, as well!

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