Mentoring and educational opportunity announcement • Tools for Photographers

I am so excited to announce the start of my mentoring and education program.  I have had a number of people who have helped me along my photography journey and I am thrilled to be able to help other photographers as well. 

My mentoring page is now live and has its own link on my webpage's menu; look at the bottom of the page.  Listed below are descriptions of the classes and mentoring I will be offering.  Read on after the descriptions for class dates and details.

Photography 101--This online class is perfect for the beginner who has just gotten a DSLR and is unsure how to use it.  This class will get you up and running and taking photos of your surroundings.  This beginning photography and DSLR class explores the exposure triangle, your camera modes and LCD, focusing, lenses, moving out of auto mode, and a lot more.  It is a great foundation for your photography learning.

Photography 201--This is an intermediate to advanced online class. We will cover more advanced camera and photography techniques including moving into manual shooting, metering modes. camera drive modes. looking for and using light to your advantage, depth of field,  low light shooting, and more.  This is a great class for those who are somewhat comfortable with their camera but want to move their photography to the next level.

Lighting 101--If you are new to on camera flash, this is the class for you.  This class will help demystify the use of on camera flash.  You'll be using your on camera flash and understanding it in no time, I promise!  On camera flash can be daunting and can seem confusing but once you understand the basics, you'll be well on your way to creating great light where there is none.

Lighting 201--This class is for you if you're comfortable with on camera light but want to add more dimension and drama to your photos by using off camera light.  We will go over off camera lighting options, lighting patterns, using off camera light indoors and outdoors, light modifiers, and more.

Focus topics--Every couple of months I will offer a class on a specific focus topic.  For March 2014 I am offering a class on self portraits.  I am open to suggestions on any focus topics for the future.

The classes above are all group classes with up to four participants.  I also offer an individual mentorship opportunity available twice each month (once in February due to scheduling).  This opportunity allows the mentoree to pick a photography subject that they would like to focus on.  I will tailor a program specifically to that participant.  

Please look at my mentorship page for further class details, dates, and pricing.  Classes are going to be offered on a rotating basis:  Photography 101 and Lighting 101 will be offered in the same month and Photography 201 and Lighting 201 the next month.  I have scheduled two classes for this month….I'm going on vacation next week but wanted to get a few classes in as a number of people have been as excited about them as I am and I am beyond thrilled to start.  I also have the February classes scheduled plus the individual mentorship opportunity in February and the first March mentorship opportunity.  Thee first focus session, for March, is also scheduled.  Any of these classes can be purchased and registered for at this point.  I will be adding to the rest of the March schedule in February and will post updates here and on my Facebook page to keep everyone informed on when those classes are up for registration and purchase.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions, please be sure to share them with me. I would love to read about what you think!

I'm  so looking forward to stepping out on this journey with you all.  I bet you can find just the class you're looking for, whether it's one of the photography or lighting classes, or my individual mentorship.  Also, if you know someone who might benefit from these, please go to my mentoring page and share any classes that interest you…there's a button to do that.  I know, technology these days!  

Can't wait to see you all in class!