Local Business Spotlight: Isis Cakes • RI Children's Photographer

First, let's start with this:  cake is awesome.  There, I put it out there.  I'm sure the vast majority of you will agree with me.  Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, engagement party, graduation, family get together, or other such occasion, it's likely that cake will play a leading role in your celebration.  This is great because yay, cake!  But where should you get your cake from?  You definitely want it to be amazing.  Beautiful.  Delicious, obviously. 

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Cake Smash Photographer

Today I want to introduce you to Isis Cakes in Jamestown, RI.  Business owner Isis Brighton makes what are arguably the best and most beautiful cakes in the universe (or at least in all of Rhode Island.  Sorry, mom.)  As a Rhode Island children's photographer, I've had the pleasure of having Isis Cakes provide the cakes for my cake smashes, including the fantastic Cat In the Hat-themed cake that was featured at Mr. B's recent cake smash and a lovely delicate pink cake for Miss J's cake smash last spring.  Isis makes her cakes to order from fresh, whole ingredients.  I can tell you from experience that she is wonderful to work with, creative, and her cakes are absolute works of art. 

Recently I took a trip to 9 Ferry Wharf in Jamestown, RI where Isis Cakes is located.  Isis creates her delicious and beautiful creations in a small area shared with Grapes and Gourmet, proof that a true artist can work anywhere!  While I was there we chatted and I took some photos, pausing when a customer came to buy one of her cakes available for sale in the cooler that day.   I asked Isis a few questions about her cakes; read on to see her answers.  Make sure Isis Cakes is first on your list the next time you need a cake!

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Cake Smash Photographer

1.  How did you get your start in making cakes? 

I started baking for fun during a cold, long winter living in Vermont. As soon as I moved back to RI I took the first baking job I could find. The owner taught me what she new and the rest is history!

2.  What made you decide to start your own cake business?

I knew for a while that I wanted to work for myself. I wanted the freedom and felt I had a product that people would respond to. The decision to start out on my own did not go as I originally planned and there were lots and LOTS of bumps along the way. But no pain, no gain!

Amy Kristin Photography Southern RI Children's Cake Smash Photographer

3.  Your cakes are not only delicious but they are really beautiful.  What inspires you when you come up with your cake designs?

Natural colors inspire me the most when it comes to decorating. I am in the process of developing natural food dyes.

Amy Kristin Photography Rhode Island Children's Photographer

4.  What are your favorite design elements to use to decorate/embellish your cakes?

My favorite decorations are fruit and fresh flowers. I discovered dried fruit as decoration and started dehydrating my own fruits. Blood orange, limes, kiwi, they all add amazing natural color. I recently started using edible flowers from Indie Growers in Bristol. They offer very unique flowers and herbs and I love visiting the green house in the middle of winter!

5.  Which cake that you make is your own favorite?

I would have to say that the lemon raspberry is my favorite. It's super light and the tart lemon curd cuts the sweetness of the cake. Yum!

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