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One of the coolest things about being a Rhode Island family and children's photographer is getting to know so many people.  I've met so many people from South County and beyond.  I've learned what makes dads laugh, how to make moms see how beautiful they are, and what kids' most favorite things (and least favorite things) are.  I've probably heard more corny jokes than the average person; kids love to tell them.  I learn where people like to go on vacation, what their favorite food is, and often what their dreams are.  All these little things make my job worth it.

So I know all these things about other people, but who is this girl taking your photos?  I talk from behind the camera, but usually it's asking questions to learn all about my subjects or directing them into a pose.  It's not often that the tables get turned and clients get to learn about me. 

Recently I put together ten questions from clients and friends and decided to answer them so that you can finally have answers to all those burning questions that you have about your photographer!  Ready to learn more?  Here we go!

1.  What is your favorite flavor of seltzer?

I'm a seltzer-a-holic in a big way.  I can't get enough of the bubbly stuff.  I drink so much that it's cheaper for me to buy it than have a Sodastream and make my own.  I've tried and loved lots of flavors but you may be shocked to know that my go-to, these days at least, is plain.  And I actually will choose club soda over plain seltzer if I can because I swear it has more bubbles!

2.  Do you prefer shooting in studio or outdoors?

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Photographer

I don't know if there's an answer to this question!  Studio photography was my first love and I still love it.  However, over the past few years the outdoors has grown on me.  A lot.  There are so many beautiful natural backdrops all over the place.  So can I say I love them the same?

3.  Are leggings pants?

Of course they are.  I don't know why this is even a question.  They were pants the first time they came out in the 80's and they're still pants.  My very favorite pants.  They are the most amazing pants in the world.

4.  What is your favorite food?

Avocados and anything made from them.  Also, cheese.  Avocados and cheese together (with seltzer) is a dream meal.

5.  How many cats does it take to make a great photo?

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Photographer

Only one cat is needed, but feel free to take as many photos of said cat as you like.

6.  Do you have just the one tattoo (in reference to the one on my upper back)?

I have five tattoos.

7.  What is your favorite lens?

My 200mm, known as Buddy!  I use it only outdoors but I sure do love Buddy.  He's magical!

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Photographer

8.  What size are your feet?

Size 9.  They are long and skinny!

9.  What else do you like to do besides take photos?

I love surfing, my family, devising plans to add more closet space to my tiny house, reading, and lots of other stuff.

10.  Where do you like to go on vacation?

Puerto Rico!  A lot of you know this.  Really, anywhere warm with waves, but I love Puerto Rico with all my heart.

Amy Kristin Photography South County RI Children's Photographer

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