Coming in 2014: Mentoring with Amy Kristin Photography

I am going to be offering a mentoring program, initially on a small scale.  I'm trying to roll this out for January 2014.  I get asked (and answer) the same questions about photography and lighting a lot.  Years ago I went to college to teach, and then decided it wasn't for me...except now I'm thinking maybe it was, I just didn't realize it.  I want to be able to answer questions that other photographers have and help them grow just as I have been helped.  I have a rough idea of what my program will be like and what topics I will be offering, but I'm also looking for feedback from photographers out there who are looking to learn to figure out what YOU might like to learn.  So if you have something that you would find helpful, or any other suggestions, please comment here, on my facebook page  (or inbox me there) or send an email to  I am so looking forward to this endeavor and hearing any and all suggestions!