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Let me let you in on a little secret:  I'm a pretty low-maintenance girl.  My daily beauty routine is air-dried hair, lip gloss, and a splash of frankincense on my face.  Oh, and drink lots of water.  I've never been a big hair and makeup person.

EXCEPT.  For my one deep dark secret.  Are you ready?  (Hold onto your seats).  I have a possibly unhealthy amount of nail polish.  I do.  So many bottles.  I cannot resist the magnetic pull of the beautiful and colorful nail polish rack when I walk into my local CVS or Rite Aid.  I may be at the level of "needing an intervention".  The best part of this, uh, slight problem is that I don't even paint my FINGERNAILS.  Only toenails.  But oh, what colorful toenails I have.

Here's the thing:  when I'm not wearing my Rhode Island family photographer hat, I'm usually doing something like running on the South County bike path (read:  a good way to wear off toenail polish) or surfing (read:  surf wax and the periwinkles and rocks of Rhode Island's reef breaks will scrub off your toenail polish faster than you can yell, "outside!)  I'm constantly redoing my toes (or telling myself that I need to redo them).  UNTIL.  I stumbled across this new nail polish that is going on my "top 3 discoveries of 2015" list.  Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.  This stuff is amazing.  It stays on forever.  This nail polish would be PERFECT for busy moms on the go who want pretty nails but don't have the time to keep redoing their nails when life acts as nature's nail polish remover.  

Allow me to tell you all about this wondrous nail polish that has changed my life (and it can change yours, too!)

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish is easy to find in your local drugstore.  There are lots of fun colors.  Below are a few of the ones I have.  I promise I haven't bought all the colors.  The cap says "no light."  This is great because the only lights that are in my house are the overhead kind.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

These polishes have clever names (Rosey Riviter or Pink Tank, anyone?)  Nail polish with fun name  makes the polish even better to me.  OK, get polishing.  Pick your polish (or mix it up!) and put on two coats of your color.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

Now this stuff...this is key.  This is the top coat.  It comes dressed in black like a ninja.  Or maybe that splash of white makes it look more like a Pilgrim.  Hmm...

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

For all the beauty-impaired people of the world (founding member right here), ninja topcoat bottle kindly reminds you on its bottle top that it's "step 2".  Are your two color coats dry?  Yes?  Great, apply a coat of this now, and don't worry about finding a light.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

This photo right here is my "it's been eleven days since I put on this nail polish photo".  ELEVEN DAYS.  I could've taken a photo right when I put it on and it was all nice and perfect, but what would that prove?  This is after eleven days of running, surfing, walking back and forth to work, lawn mowing, scaling tall buildings (ok, that was a lie). I am SO impressed with this nail polish!  It's been two days since I took that photo and it STILL looks great.  At this rate I may not have to redo my polish til September.  I can't recommend this enough.  If you're a busy mom with a secret (or not) love of nail polish, GET THIS STUFF.  You will thank me.

Leave a comment to let me know if you try this polish, and tell me what your favorite color is!

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