At the train station • South Kingstown RI photographer

I had an idea, and I was happy when Makala agreed to be my subject.  We went down to the train station.  She wore the vintage dress I provided and brought the amazing pink suitcase and vintage jewelry to complete the look.  She shivered out in the COLD while we waited for the Acela train to come by.  Fast.  Really.  Fast.  Even though my idea didn't pan out quite as I imagined (we should've waited for the "slow train" as my 6-year-old nephew calls it...clearly now I know this for the future), I was still able to get some shots in (because clearly my subject is gorgeous) while we waited and as the train approached.  FAST.  Thanks to Makala to being a willing subject and to my two assistants:  Chelsea and my 6-year-old nephew who knows all about the fast trains and the slow trains.