2019 Project 365: July Part II

Now that it’s summer, I figure it’s about time to share my project 365 photos from the second half of July! Hey, it’s a good way to relive the best part of the summer. It’s smack in the middle of my busiest season as a RI family photographer (I’m definitely not complaining about that!) but it does give me a little bit less time to work on my own photos.

The second part of July featured, among other things, some of my favorite summer flowers, more adventures with my favorite dog, small waves in warm water, long walks, and hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are a bit of an obsession of mine. They are so tiny and fascinating, and so fast and elusive. I’ve spent a lot of early evenings sitting on my deck, waiting by the feeder for my little friends to come by. It makes me a bit bummed out to know that the hummingbirds won’t be here much longer. At least I have all the photos of them to carry us through the winter!

Scroll down to see life through my eyes during the second half of July.

7/16/19 • Cards

Just a few of the many cards that Carlos has given me over the years. I’ve saved them all.

collection of greeting cards

7/17/19 • Wild

I love these tiny little wild flowers that grow in my yard.

wildflowers in a yard in Wakefield, RI

7/18/18 • In my refrigerator

view inside a refrigerator

7/19/19 • Ice cream

I made my own avocado ice cream this day. This is me cleaning up after it.

looking down at a kitchen sink

7/20/20 • Hard work

It’s hard work to capture a hummingbird. It also must be hard work to BE a hummingbird. Their little wings beat so fast.

ruby throated hummingbird at feeder in Wakefield, RI

7/21/19 • Someone who inspires you

Harper Lee’s book To Kill A Mockingbird has inspired me from childhood. I read it every summer.

woman reading To Kill A Mockingbird at deck table in Wakefield, RI

7/22/19 • Beauty

close up of pink coneflower

7/23/19 • Collection

This is just the beginning of my tomato collection, which starts in July and carries into late September.

two tomatoes on a deck railing in Wakefield, RI

7/24/19 • Round


7/25/19 • Dancing

Surfing is dancing on water.

surfer at deep hole in Matunuck, RI

7/26/19 • Use a different type of photography equipment

I have an old Rebel xT that I rarely use, but I took it out for this photo.

black dog in a backyard in Wakefield, RI

7/27/19 • The road less traveled

This was taken on a walk from my parents’ house in Richmond. It’s on an impassable (by car) part of New London Turnpike. The road is hard to walk on as well but it’s pretty up there, and I saw two wild lilies.

wild lily in Richmond, RI

7/28/19 • Turquoise

House Of Flynn Evermore camera bag

7/29/19 • Pattern

Mother nature makes the most beautiful patterns.

weed in a backyard in Wakefield, RI

7/30/19 • On the floor

flip flops on a bedroom floor

7/31/19 • Night

nighttime view of backyard in Wakefield, RI

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