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Do you ever feel like you're going in thirty different directions?  Do you feel like you never get to finish anything and you're always rushing?  Maybe you're having a panic attack because you had to stop at a fast-food drive through for your kids' dinner...not ever part of your master plan, but they had to eat!  And, most of all, do you feel like there's never any time for you?

I hear you on this.  SO MUCH.  In addition to being a Rhode Island family photographer which is a full time job, I also work full time at another job.  Also, this past year or so has thrown some unexpected challenges in my face.  I've often felt tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and wondering when the heck I could ever relax.  There was just no TIME.

Then, I started changing my thinking a little.  Maybe I didn't need (or have!) whole weekends, days, or even afternoons to do things for me.  But you know what I did (and do?) have?  Twenty minutes.  Taking twenty minutes out of your day for some you time is not going to cause the world to implode.  Do it while the kids nap.  Instead of checking Facebook.  When you walk in the door...entrust an older sibling to watch the littles.  Just for twenty minutes.  Take that time to decompress and center yourself.  There are lots of ways you can do this.  I've got four ways that are my favorites.  Check them out below!

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

1.  Have a cuppa.

A cup of tea.  A cup of coffee.  Some hot chocolate.  Just take some time.  Sit down.  Don't drink it all in one gulp.  Slowly.  Breathe.  Ahhhhhhh.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

2.  Read

True story:  I love reading.  However, reading has become overwhelming to me more recently because no time.  Then I realized that I don't have to read the whole book all at once.  Take twenty minutes to read a chapter.  An article.  Let your mind get swept away.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

3.  Take a load off.

Lie down on the couch.  Sit out back and put your feet up.  You don't have to take a nap.  Just take some time to breathe and enjoy your surroundings and the feeling of ahhhhhhhh.  This is a good one to do while your kids are napping, so you can enjoy the temporary silence around you and let it refresh you.

Amy Kristin Photography • Rhode Island Family Photographer

4.  Have a pet?  Pet them.

Petting animals is a real, true way to relax.  This is not just me talking (yes, I love my cat)...this is scientifically proven.  So do it!  Spend some quality time with your dog, cat, ferret, tarantula, or the like.  Tell them about your day.  Or not.  But just enjoy being with your animal companion.

So there they are!  Do you have any favorite ways to take 20-minute mini vacations?  Let me know in the comments!

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