Hi!  I'm Amy Short, the Amy behind Amy Kristin Photography.  I love being a RI family and children's photographer and I'm so glad that you've stopped by to take a moment to get to know me.

Based on my photo, you should be able to figure out the following:

  • I love surfing
  • I also love cats
  • I have never met a surfing cat...yet
  • I'm on team "leggings are pants"
  • The most fabulous couch in the world lives in our living room.  Twenty-six dollars at the Habitat For Humanity Restore!

A few of my other favorite things are plotting a way to fulfill my dream of having a komodo dragon as a pet; making homemade almond butter; or looking for my dream house on the west coast of Puerto Rico.  

Above all, I love meeting new people and telling stories.  (My parents will confirm this for you, believe me.)  This is why I want to meet you and tell your family's story through photos!  

I'd love to meet you...my Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest links are right down below if you'd like to say hello.  Or just click that contact link above and tell me what's on your mind; I can't wait to connect with you!

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